UTM® 3C058N - Single Nasopharyngeal Foam Specimen Collection Kit

UTM® 3C058N - Single Nasopharyngeal Foam Specimen Collection Kit

COPAN Diagnostics, Inc.
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Product Summary

Nasopharyngeal Foam Swab with 3 mL UTM® Universal Transport Medium™ in 16x100mm Skirted Tube with Plastic Red Cap

SKU: 3C058N

  • 50 Kits/Pack, 6 x 50 Kits/Case




About UTM® Universal Transport Medium™ Collection Kits


COPAN’s Collection & Transport Kits for COVID-19 combine state-of-the-art FLOQSwab® flocked collection swabs with the superior sample preservation of UTM®: Universal Transport Medium.

UTM® Universal Transport Medium Universal Transport Media without beads is a FDA cleared collection and transport system suitable for collection, transport, preservation, and long-term freeze storage of clinical specimens containing viruses for viral molecular diagnostic testing, and meets CDC Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical COVID-19 Specimens.

UTM® Universal Transport Medium's unique media formulation includes antibiotics to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, without affecting viruses. The transport medium comes in a plastic, screw cap tube and maintains organism viability for 48 hours at room or refrigerated temperature.

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Media 3 mL UTM® Universal Transport Media
Quantity 50 Kits/Pack, 6 x 50 Kits/Case
SKU 3C058N
Swab Type Nasopharyngeal Nylon® FLOQSwab® Flocked Swab
Tube Type 16x100mm Skirted Tube


With a reputation for innovation, COPAN Diagnostics Inc. is part of COPAN Group, the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. COPAN’s collaborative approach to pre-analytics has resulted in FLOQSwabs®, ESwab™, UTM® Universal Transport Medium™, and laboratory automation WASP® and WASPLab®. For more information, visit www.copanusa.com